Fill pump , Koshin brand FD-24

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Fill pump ,  Koshin brand - Japan 
-Model : FD-24
- Lưu lượng max : 50 lit/min (Kerosene, Light Oil)
- Áp  suất max : 7 met 
- Connection Dia 20mm (3/4")
- Connection Thread: Inner Pipe Thread
- Power : 90W @ 7300rpm/ Voltage DC 24V / 1phase 
Included  1 Oil-Proof Rubber Hose (2m)
*As the pump is motor driven, it can be operated by just turning on the switch.
* Ứng dụng :High to low viscosity oil/Machine oil/Heavy fuel oil B/Kerosene/ Diesel 
* Gross weight : 20 kgs /1228x291x172

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